To TopFlower, you will simply sink into the world of flowers, please take care and admire the unique beauty of each kind of flower, and importantly, don't forget to harvest numerous flowers to "earn a lot of tokens".

Our Mission

  • TopFlower's mission is to bring everyone an NFT farming game that is perfect, plentiful, diverse, feature-rich and has the most game modes (2D, 3D, AR metaverse); interactivity and community are always appreciated. We value it, so we will help you connect with other farmers to build a community, a society with a stable and long-lasting economy. From there, farmers can search, invest, and accumulate a lot of tokens, following the motto "play to earn, earn forever".
  • TopFlower's task is will always find a balance and harmony between "Play for fun" and "Play to earn". Always bring you the best value in spirit (gameplay) and economy (token). Especially, we always ensure that the economy will operate sustainably and long-term.
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